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I wanted to write you to thank you personally concerning the Lasik procedure you performed on me recently. It has changed my life! As a professional soccer player, I can't tell you how important my vision is in terms of performing at my absolute best. Without correction, I was literally blind. Playing soccer with glasses was unacceptable, and while contact lenses were better, they would occasionally get dislodged upon contact totally destroying my vision. At the back of my mind I was always fearful of losing a contact lens in the middle of a game. After Lasik, my vision is the best it has ever been. I feel like I can see the ball in ways I never could before, and my confidence as a player has soared!

A heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful staff,
Steve Berry
Professional Soccer Player

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot believe how good my vision is after the Lasik you performed on me. It truly is miraculous. I'm seeing better now than before when I was wearing my contact lenses. I was a little skeptical at first and I was very nervous. Your knowledge and professionalism soon set me at ease. The surgery went very smoothly, and it was not painful at all. Your staff and surgery center were first rate.

Sincerely yours,
Glenn Mavros
Owner, G.S. Mavros Insurance, Inc.

A few lines to convey to you how wonderful Lasik has been for me. Getting rid of my glasses was a liberating experience. The quality of my life has definitely improved. I'm able to play sports now without my glasses! As a laboratory scientist, my ability to see under the microscope has also improved.

Thanks for everything,
Ryan Irvine, Ph.D.

I just had to write you to tell you how happy I am with the results of the Lasik. I never achieved good vision with contacts, and glasses were a hassle. After Lasik, my vision is great! Your knowledge and ability to explain the procedure in understandable terms was really helpful in making me feel at ease. Your friendly staff also made the whole experience a pleasure.

You're the best!

Marcia Rutledge
Senior Vice President, Marsh Entertainment

I'm thrilled with my "new vision" ! I can't believe you got rid of my astigmatism. I'm very athletic. I snowboard, box, surf and do motocross racing. I hated wearing glasses or contacts, so I got used to living in a "fuzzy" world. After the Lasik my vision is better than 20/20. What a difference! I never realized what I was missing. I'm going to recommend all my friends to you.

Thanks a million!

Steve Morris
Morris Construction

I am so incredibly satisfied with my new vision!  After wearing contacts and glasses for over 10 years, I am finally free from dry eyes and the daily routine of putting in and taking out my lens, not to mention the amount of money that I'll be saving due to not having to purchase new lens and eyeglasses. But perhaps what is most important to me, is that living in California, I was always afraid of another earthquake hitting us in the middle of the night and my not being able to find my glasses again - it was horrifying running around blind!  I don't have to worry about that anymore and I can wake up in the middle of the night and see my alarm clock.

May Liu

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