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Presbyopia Surgery Comparison Chart
Surgical Options to Treat Presbyopia (the need for bifocals)

Intraocular Lens (IOLs) Type



Standard Monofocal
Lens Properties Accommodating IOL Multifocal IOL Multifocal IOL None
Distances where optimal vision is obtained

1) Far; eg. driving
2) Mid-Range; eg. computer work
3) Near; eg. reading at close range
Far and Mid-range Far and Mid-range Far and Near Far OR Near (not both).

Most patients with a standard lens implant (90% or more) will use glasses after surgery for some activities (eg. Bifocals)
Success Rate of Patients Achieving Spectacle Independence with Lenses in Both Eyes 73.5% do not depend on glasses at all or wear them only occasionally

98.4% read the computer and newspaper size print without glasses

97.6% see 20/30 or better without glasses
92% never or only occasionally need to wear glasses after the procedure 80% of patients “Never” need to wear glasses 5-10% will never need glasses
Rate of Nighttime Severe Glare and Halo Effect 2% 5% 5% 2%

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