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The most exciting new development in the area of intraocular lenses is the development of lens implants which enable the user to see distance and near as well as everything in between. This contrasts with traditional monofocal lens implants which provide for fixed vision, usually distance, requiring the need for glasses for intermediate and close up work. These lenses work either by having different focusing areas on the lens ( Multifocal Lenses ), or they work by allowing the lens to move a minute distance forwards or backwards in the eye thereby changing the focal point of the lens (Presbyopic Lenses ).

Both types of lenses, allow the user to enjoy very good vision at distance and near , without the use of glasses or contact lenses. The majority of people who are having these lenses implanted in their eyes, are doing it in conjunction with cataract surgery. The cloudy lens is removed during a short procedure under topical anesthesia, and replaced with a premium lens that provides vision at all distances. The need for postoperative glasses is significantly diminished, and many users will function without the need for glasses at all.

At the Ullman Eye Center, we are implanting two FDA approved multifocal lenses, The ReStor, and The Rezoom, and one presbyopic lens, The Crystalens, which is the only FDA approved presbyopic lens on the market. While all three lenses provide for vision at distances and near, each one has slightly different strengths and weaknesses, as the chart below elaborates. Also note that in the chart these premium lenses are compared to the standard monofocal intraocular lens. If freedom from glasses is appealing to you, based on your vision needs Dr. Ullman can help you decide which lens implant is the best one for you.

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