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Preoperative Instructions For Cataract Surgery

  • Prior to surgery a lens calculation will be scheduled with Dr. Ullman to determine the appropriate power lens implant that will be used
  • A History and Physical exam will be scheduled with your medical doctor approximately one week prior to the surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before surgery. Do not eat breakfast on the morning of surgery
  • Necessary medicines can be taken on the morning of surgery with a sip of water
  • It is a good idea to wash your hair the night before or morning of surgery

Postoperative Instructions For Cataract Surgery

  • Do not rub the eyes. You may use artificial tears or a sterile eyewash if the eyes itch
  • You must place an eyeshield over the operated eye for sleep or naps for the first three days after surgery
  • Mild exercise is permissible, however heavy lifting or straining should be avoided for the first week. Also avoid pools, hot tubs, or the ocean for the first week
  • You will be given eyedrops to use after the procedure. Use them as directed by Dr. Ullman.
  • You may resume your other medications, diet and most activities upon returning home
  • You may shower or take a bath, however please avoid getting soap or shampoo in the eye
  • We invite you to contact the Ullman Eye Center to discuss your needs or any questions you may have. Simply complete our form, or you may send an e-mail to: