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- Custom Cornea

CustomCornea┼║ or Wavefront analysis, is a new advancement in the field of Lasik. With standard Lasik, treatment is based on the measurement of lower order aberrations, which in most cases amounts to the refraction, i.e. the correction used in the making of ones glasses or contact lenses. For example, everyone with three diopters of nearsightedness would get the same identical laser treatment.

With Wavefront analysis, we are able to measure the lower as well as the higher order aberrations of the eye. The higher order aberrations represent small irregularities other than the refraction which are unique to each individual eye. The laser treatment would then reflect the unique visual characteristics of each eye providing a customized treatment. No two treatments would be the same, because no two eyes are the same.

How is this done? Wavefront technology is a computerized device which passes light rays to the retina in the back of the eye and then reflects them out through the front of the eye. A three dimensional "Wavefront" map is generated which captures all the lower and higher order aberrations of the eye and then transmits this information to the excimer laser which customizes the treatment based on the individuals visual irregularities.

What are the advantages of CustomCornea┼║? With Wavefront technology there is a greater chance of achieving 20/20 or better visual acuity. There is also a diminished chance of having nighttime vision problems, for example, people report less glare and starburst effects from lights at night with the new technology. All in all, studies show that the quality of the vision is improved with CustomCornea┼║, when compared with standard Lasik.

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